Culinary delights in Switzerland

Cheese and chocolate are the best-known export products from Switzerland. Everyone in the world knows that they offer the highest quality and taste of Swiss food. But the traditional Swiss cuisine offers much more.

How about a hearty Älplermagronen or a crispy portion of Rösti with fried egg and bacon? In the Swiss mountains, you can not only enjoy hiking or skiing, but the Swiss also love to eat.

Swiss cuisine is characterised by a wide variety of meat specialities such as Bündnerfleisch, Rohschicken and sausages such as Cervelat. The Swiss are not the only leaders in chocolate, the patisserie also offers a wide range of specialities such as the "Rüeblitorte" (carrot cake) or a buttered bread type called "Zopf". And let's not forget that Switzerland is THE cheese country par excellence. Dishes such as fondue and raclette belong in every Swiss menu.

Restaurants in Grindelwald

Restaurants in Grindelwald

Grindelwald is one of the alpine villages in Switzerland, offering its guests a very wide range of culinary delights. From rustic and cozy to haute cuisine.

Guests in the Jungfrau Region have to choose almost every day: sport or pleasure?

A few downhill runs or hiking trails. Or would you rather stop at the restaurant at the peak, with a beautiful sun terrace and a view of the amazing mountain peaks of the Jungfrau Region?

In the evening a cozy restaurant with raclette or fondue. Or regional and international specialties at the highest level?

Eating in Grindelwald
Dining in the Jungfrau Region can be a real lesson in the dialect. Take Gstampfti Chrugli, Suure Mocke or Chalbsläberli with Röschti and although many Swiss do not think of fondue in the summer, our restaurants offer at any time the well-flavored cheese from Switzerland in a large number of variaties.

But also for those guest, who prefer the usual home kitchen, it is important, there is no lack of options: pizza and pasta, whether modern or from the wood oven and homemade own dough.

Above all, in the Jungfrau Region, as in almost all of Switzerland, food is used for relaxation, there is no noise for a quick bite before the train. Your check will not come until you ask for it.


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